Monday, March 13, 2017


Last week.... Ohhhh last week.. At one point I thought that there was no where to go but up.. And then I got Food Poisoning. Needless to say I'm happy for a fresh start to a new week!

 Monday started off with straightening my hair. Due to another Sewer blockage I needed to conserve shower water, so I skipped washing my hair that morning.  Thankfully I had washed my hair Sunday evening and put it in a bun so it was straight-ish.
 I had several errands that I had to get done before teaching, and it was pouring rain outside. So I treated myself to a Sonic Cherry Limeade and then stopped at Great Harvest Bread Company for lunch to go. I had never been there before but I will be back!! Their sandwiches were the size of my hand! for just a half!! And soooo yummy!!
 Of course when I straighten my hair it downpours..
 Due to the aforementioned sewer issues, I couldn't do my laundry. Jboz was kind enough to let me come over inbetween lessons (Thankfully I had two cancellations, which really helped!) and do laundry at her place. She had to take Roman to a gym class, so I brought the other half of my sandwich, and had dinner and watched some Say yes to the dress and the news. BY far the most peaceful part of my day. And possibly week. 

 And yes, I took pictures. 

 Wednesday dawned bright and early again, as I had to get my allergy shot before heading to a two hour dentist apt. I was glad I had gotten up early when the people came to clean out my sewer right as I was getting out of the shower. 

My dentist apt wasn't fun, but at least this time I didn't try to throw up on her, so I counted that as a plus.

I came back home, taught lessons and was still halfway numb, but with a throbbing mouth, after finishing teaching.

At that point I thought to myself, there is no where to go but up. At least this week can't get any worse.

And then around 1:45 am I woke up and got sick about 55 seconds after I woke up.

Thankfully it wasn't the Flu (Very Thankfully as the Flu has landed me in the hospital more than once) but it was Food Poisoning. And I had not the best night of my life.

 As I was laying on the ground outside my bathroom I was struck by how hard my floor is. Even with a blanket.  I was also struck by how HAPPY I was that I have space for a small chest on the very lower shelf on the far right of the picture. And inside that chest I hold a blanket, pillow, saltines, medicine, water, ect.  Being able to lay on the ground and grab that when you're sick is a lifesaver.  And my fan sits right inside the laundry room door so I can pull it out quickly. When you live with a chronic illness, you learn to keep those things handy.

Friday I was elated to be feeling much better, and be able to shower, put on real clothes, and get back into my routine.
 Sunday, I was not so elated for DST time change. And it was my Sunday to Serve so no sleeping in! I went to bed early to plan ahead, and woke up and thought my alarm was about to go off. So I let my brain wake up. Finally I rolled over to see what time it was.. 5:35. am. I had an hour and a half of sleep left! That I never got. And of course with the time change it was really 4:35 to my body. It was painful. I chugged my huge cup of iced coffee and was still tired. I ended up drinking half of a coca cola on the way to church and still struggled.

Thankfully Makeup hides a multitude of sins, including very little sleep!

Thankful DST only happens once a year. I hate Springing forward! Also thankful my first students were on Spring Break today so I got to sleep in! HALLELUJAH!!

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