Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Whew! Last week was a Doozy! Nothing really bad happened but it was B.U.S.Y. By the end of the week I wasn't sure whether I was coming or going. 

 Monday was the day I had been waiting for! FREE CONE DAY AT DAIRY QUEEN! I look forward to this day every year, not going to lie! I was smart this time and went in the middle of the afternoon before I taught and only had ONE car in front of me! Granted they took so long to order I wanted to get out and go see if they needed help, but minor detail!
 Dairy Queen's Small Cones are crazy big! I was excited this year as they let me choose what flavor I wanted!
 Obviously my cone was half gone by the time I got back to my house.
 I was feelin my look so I took some selfie's before teaching and posted one with my new necklace and proceeded to get the most hilarious texts and fb comments from Auds. I had TEARS. SO funny!
 Speaking of Friends. Emboz was having surgery Tuesday,  I was putting together her get well present and found the most appropriate card. I had to snap a pic and send it to a few friends. Side Note: It was even more funny because Emboz injured herself by falling down.

 Tuesday I was up bright and early and dressed in my brand new puffer vest! I have wanted a puffer vest for FOREVER. And had quite the time trying to order one from Sears in 2015. They sent me everything BUT a puffer vest. Think Kids underpants, and a tool. So I was pretty excited to find this puffer vest half off at DG!
 I packed up my bags and looked like I was going to move into the Surgery Center. And with everything I brought, all I used was my cell phone and a bottle of water. Oh well. Better to be prepared!
 I was hoping to see Em before her surgery but they took her in early. So when I arrived she was already 20 mins into her surgery! I hung out in the waiting room with her hubs and we had a lovely time chatting! I joked that we had way better of a time than Emboz did. :) For some reason we never sat in these really comfy looking chairs. Should have!!

After Em was done with Surgery, her hubby went to go see her, and I sat in the waiting room and kept all of the bags. And then I ended up keeping an ear out for another person's loved one in surgery while she ran to use the restroom and get a snack. Thankfully at that point I was all alone in my section so of course I snapped a picture. I also moved one of those ottomans over and propped my feet up. It was COMFY!!

After Em's Hubby finally came out over an hour later, he took the bags and I headed off to my Allergist Dr Apt who was in the same complex, in a building across the road. Nothing like being efficient! I had my 6 month check up and was pronounced fine and dandy! Well, still allergic to life, but other than that fine and dandy. :)

Wednesday morning I was up and at em early again. (Sensing a theme here?) I had to go get my allergy shot (you can't see the Dr and get a shot on the same day) It's a new batch of allergen stuff so i will have to go three times in about 10 days. Weds was the first of three trips! After I got my shot I went to Sonic and picked up a healing Cherry Limeade for Emboz and then made my way over to her house to check in on her and see how she was doing!

 People who have just had surgeries get a pass on taking pictures. I decided I'd take a picture of her knee to commemorate and then she told me I should put the Sonic cup in and that she would do a thumbs up. Worked for me!! She is attached to "Horrible Helga" which looks like a 1950's torture device for your knee. Having seen her get in it and turn it on, I'm pretty sure that's an accurate description.

After visiting with the patient for a bit, I boogied back home to teach lessons for a few hours.

 Thursday I was doing dishes around lunch and looked out the window in my kitchen to see a dog pooping in my mulch. Spoiler alert, I don't have a dog.
 After I had taught some and was getting ready for a Skype lesson,  I was so tired that I decided I was going to teach from the couch. And so I did! And it was Comfy!
 And yes I am wearing the same outfit as I did Tuesday, but in my defense I washed it! (In the sink since my washer is broken)
 Friday, exhausted but ready for the weekend! Inbetween lessons I hopped over to my Chiropractor for a MUCH needed adjustment.
 Friday evening's I usually try to get some computer work done after I'm done teaching early, but it was SOOOOO beautiful outside I just couldn't stay indoors. I grabbed my people magazine and a book, and went out to get some sun and enjoy our warm weather!
 It was crazy windy outside, hence my hair blowing like a supermodels ;), but it felt SO GREAT!!
 Chillaxin and lovin life!
 I mean look at that beautiful sky!! And yes I need a privacy fence there so my neighbor doesn't stare at me through his windows. #GetSomeBlindsDude
 Attempting to tan my legs. Didn't work but felt great.
 I couldn't stop myself!
I love Sunny Sky Pictures!

I stayed outside for an hour, and then couldn't take the wind anymore.  I watched the news and then decided to run to Aldi's for some groceries. I love walking around that store. Yes I am weird.

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up on Designated Survivor and getting some MUCH needed sleep. By Saturday I was running on empty, but thankfully Sunday I finally got some rest and didn't feel like going back to bed 10 minutes after getting out of bed. Good thing too, as this week promises to be busy as well!

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