Wednesday, April 5, 2017

13/52 aka The Worst Week of the Year-(So Far)

Well this past week's recap will be short, but not sweet. Because I came down with the illness of death and spent the second half of the week being violently ill.


 The Week started off with Monday, which at this point I don't even remember! I think it was warmish outside??? I went and got my allergy shot before teaching that day.
 And was wild and crazy and tried a way darker lip than I am used to.
 Tuesday was a very busy day! My Mom came to town and delivered my new to me washer. (It was actually my Grandma's.) We moved my old washer to the kitchen and got the new washer set up in the laundry room and ran it's inaugural first load of laundry successfully!! After all that I was sweating, but had somewhere to be! I went to the Nursing Home I frequent to play for my friends on the Alzheimer's wing. We had a great time as usual and I snapped a post concert piano selfie.

After that I picked up my FAVORITE Pizza EVER!! Buck Creek Pizza!!  Oh man their cheese pizza is amazing and delicious and everything that dreams are made of! I ate while I drove back to town.
 And then stopped at the Pharmacy to pick up a Prescription and was there for what felt like forever.
 Wednesday afternoon my earlier students were on Spring Break, so I made two Dentist apts for the same day. I got my cleaning, and during it my Hygienist popped off my temporary crown. Thankfully I was there to get my permanent crown right after the cleaning. I was hoping that I wouldn't need to be numbed, especially since it popped right off, but alas I had some tissue that had to be taken out?off? not sure. but I ended up with two numbing shots, because it HURT. Thankfully after that the tooth went on easily.

After that I popped over to visit Jboz for a much needed Baptist Happy Hour. We sipped on our Coke Icee's (Always my Reward for surviving the Dentist!) and caught up on life.

After that however, things took a turn for the worse.

After I got back from Jboz and was getting ready to teach I noticed I didn't feel so great. A little queasy. This is normal for me, as I deal with Nausea and Pain with my chronic illness so it wasn't anything to get excited about. I was 14 mins into a 30 min lesson when suddenly I realized this was NOT my normal nausea. And I did NOT feel good. Somehow I survived the next 16 mins without my student realizing anything was wrong, rushed her out the door and minutes later got sick. I had a brief reprieve in the evening and thought it was over. 


I was sick from all orifices for the next 48 hours. And then for longer with one orfice. I will spare you the details but it was terrible. TERRIBLE. What people were saying about the Stomach Flu lasting for DAYS on end and being horrific. Y'all. I'm here to tell you they were not exaggerating. It's a week later and I am finally feeling more like myself and feel like i have my strength back (mostly)
 I'm ready for cold and flu season to be over.
And in the midst of my sickness, I managed to slice my finger on a fan blade, in a rush to get back from the bathroom to my couch, before I passed out. I was trying to get my fan on my ottoman closer to my face for my nausea, and the fan fell. The front of the fan came off, and this genius picked it up with it still running on HIGH, and sliced the top part of my finger open. My middle and ring finger were both covered in blood. And I remember thinking to myself, I really hope I didn't just slice the tip of my finger off..... And If I did. Oh well. There was no way i was getting to the hospital in my state. 

Here's to a better week!!???!!

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