Monday, April 10, 2017


If you read last week's recap, it was chock full of sickness and misery. This week started off still feeling the effects of the sickness of death and struggling to get over it. Eventually though I did and we can all rejoice for that!

 The weekend and Monday were still spent on the couch. My goal for Sunday was to do the dishes. I would have to take breaks inbetween washing dishes, to rest. I was SO weak from being sick and really not eating for days, being dehydrated, it was bad. I knew I was in no shape to teach Monday, and I was right. So I worked on hydrating and calming my still upset stomach down. Sickness when you have a chronic illness are longer lasting and more complicated than if you're a "normal" healthy person. Thankfully I have learned the hard way to listen to my body and know what it's capable of, and rest even when my mind is feeling better. I was getting SO bored, but was as energetic as a newborn baby. ha! Needless to say there was a LOT of TV watching going on. 20/20, Dateline, Greys...
 A bright spot on on Monday was the mail going and my new glasses from Zenni arriving! They fit perfectly and it was great timing for them to arrive when I was still in the wearing glasses for days on end stage.

I didn't take any pictures Tuesday but I got out of my house, for my Allergy shot, and to get medicine and some more bread and chicken noodle soup. I was gone for about an hour and a half and I was REALLY tired by the time I got back. But it felt good!

 Weds it was a crazy rainy day, and I taught several lessons and then went and met my Dad at a gas station to drop off some medicine for him. He had just gotten sick with sinus stuff and was in town, so I was a good daughter and saved him.
 After I got back home I happily got in my pjs ( I was FREEZING! remember this later..) and snapped a picture of myself in my new glasses to send to Auds.
 Thursday my hair was struggling but I was feeling more energetic than I had the day before and was happy to be teaching and getting stuff done! My Mom stopped by and dropped off a few items, and picked up a few things that I was sending with them on their trip to Iowa to see my boys. I had a full day of teaching, that was less stressful because of one of my students moving their lesson to a different day, so now I actually have a short break between students and can sit down to have dinner! LIFE CHANGING! Not having to rush around and actually having a break was wonderful!
 Friday finally dawned bight and sunny, albeit still cold. I started off with my new boots on with my jeggings, because I was cold, and then got hot, so I had to take my boots off and paint my poor toes before my first student arrived, It was around then that I realized I wasn't just tired, I was TIRED, and I was cold and then hot. I began to suspect I might be sick. I was having some sinus issues but lets be real, with my sinus problems and allergies I am always having issues! As the day went on I was just more and more run down and realized I should probably go to the Minute Clinic, since my ENT was out of the country. (I swear that man is out of the office more than he is in the office, and he never has anyone covering for him to do prescriptions!)
 Anywho., I reserved my minute clinic spot while my last student was in the rest room and then busted my tail to get over to the other side of town for my apt. As it turned out the lady before me was holding things up so I had to wait for almost a half an hour. Slightly annoying. And to add insult to injury, when I got in the room she had just vacated, I took one whiff of the air and could tell she was a heavy smoker. And I'm ALLERGIC to Cigarette smoke. If I didn't already have sinus issues I would have by the time I left that nasty room. Luckily I got the Dr I have always had there who knows me and understands my medical issues, so that was a blessing! I left with a script for antibiotics, a 99.4 fever (My Normal temp is 98.2, yes I know thats not 98.6, but it's what my normal temp is!) and a diagnosis of a sinus infection, and an ear tube that is migrating from where it is supposed to be. Unfortunately it hadn't moved enough to where she felt comfortable pulling it out. So I have to wait until my ENT gets back into the country to make an apt with him. In the meantime I get to enjoy hearing two very different sounds out of both of my ears when I blow my nose. Oh the joys of Adult Ear Tubes!!

After all that I treated myself to a McDonalds M&M McFlurry. And it was delicious.

 These are out of order, but Friday afternoon I worked on Sanding, and then putting the first layer of paint on this item. I have wanted something for the wall that could fit piano books and assignment sheets, so once a student (especially siblings) is done with their lesson they can put their items in something while they get their shoes on. And then they aren't forgetting items, or placing things on my coffee table and then walking across the room with their shoes on to get said items. 

(Yes, I have a shoe-less house and if you had the amount of people coming and going through your house that I do on a weekly basis you would be shoe-less as well!)
 Randomly my Mom had brought this to me on Thursday not knowing I was wanting something and it was perfect!! I tested it out with a Piano Pronto Book and it fit perfectly!! YAY!
 One coat of light mint green on, and one to go!

 Sunday dawned bright and early and Beautiful!! I was sitting on my couch doing my makeup at 8 am with the window open because it was so nice outside! I loved it! So peaceful when the neighborhood is quiet and no one is moving about. Today was my first of two Sundays to serve this month so I sported my ever so attractive orange shirt. Orange is not my color but I make do!

 Today is also Day One of a makeup trial I was selected for on Crowdtap! Almay has a new foundation out that is also a self tanner! WHAT??! I am all about self tanner, especially when it comes to my face. No more sun damage for me! So I am excited to see if my face gets any color. So far I am loving the foundation side of this product!
 I painted my fingernails on Saturday night so I had to take a nail shot and send to Auds. She is always impressed when I paint my fingernails. :)
 First Sunday in a Skirt and Sandals for 2017! I was pretty excited about that!!!

 I have to be at church a little earlier on days I serve and today I was ready rather early, so I decided to leave earlier than normal. I was really glad I had left super early as I got ONE stop light away from my churches stoplight and there was something going on with numerous police cars, lanes closed, police directing traffic. Still not sure what was going on but I did make it to church on time so that's good!
 After church I had to run a quick errand, I snapped this picture of the temp to send to my Parents who were in Iowa. It is SO warm and beautiful outside!!
I got home, made some quick tacos, scarfed them down, changed clothes and went outside! I have a big back patio, and a porch swing, and I love spending time out there when it's nice outside! I have a rather large backyard for being in town, and most of it is fenced in, with train tracks on the back part, so it's nicely secluded. I brought several books and a magazine outside but I ended up just listening to music on my phone ( with ear buds of course because I'm a nice neighbor) I spent two GLORIOUS hours outside soaking up the sun and fresh air. It was wonderful!! Bring on the week!!!!

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