Tuesday, May 2, 2017


So for some reason when I uploaded these pics they inserted backwards into the blog, and I am too lazy to fix every single picture so we're going to do a backwards week wrap up, starting with Sunday!

After church I made a pit stop at home, and DG, and then met Emboz to help load a bike into her vehicle that she was buying for her knee therapy. It was much lighter than I expected, and went in easily! YAY! Of course we had to take a picture afterwards. #IDoItForThePhotoOp

While I was out and about Sunday I ran to the Library to pick up *1* Book on hold. And then somehow the rest of these came home with me.
Friday started off early with a trip to the Chiro. Oh it felt so good! My back was severely out after the whole debacle of being sick and laying on the floor several weeks ago.
Despite having coffee Friday morning I was SO Tired. I had to chug this energy drink inbetween lessons and it was really good! It was a V-8 Drink, and was orange and pineapple. YUMMY!

Oh Look! It's Sunday again!!! It was my Team's Month to serve on the bonus Sunday. And since I had just served a few weeks ago, I forgot to wash my Official Orange serving shirt. So I wore our 2016 NV Shirt instead.

And a cardigan that I kept taking off and then putting on. The weather is so strange right now!

Magically now it is Weds.  I had taught a skype lesson at my desk, and then walked into the piano room for the next lesson and felt like my shoes were weird on my feet so I kicked them off and sat down to teach. I realized later that I had on two different flip flops. No wonder my feet felt weird! It was a struggling day. Clearly.

The bright spot of Weds was a new pizza casserole recipe I tried out, thanks to www.momfessionals.com it was SO good!!!!!!!
Tuesday was beautiful weather, and so warm outside! I made sure to get outside and enjoy some of the weather, which I was glad I did since it rained the rest of the week and got rather chilly.
Monday night I snapped a pic of my Hostas, my Mom planted the ones closest to my house over Easter and they are all taking off like crazy!
Apparently on Monday evenings I like to go to Dollar General......

One of my plants from my Grams house is growing and even has a bud on it! I believe this is a Peony bush?plant? And I'm really hoping my wildlife doesn't eat the flowers off.
More snaps from Tuesday's gorgeous afternoon!
I love my peaceful backyard!

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