Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I am straggling in on a Weds with my week wrap up, but doggone it I am determined not to miss a week!!

 Last week was cold and rainy basically all week long. All I wanted to do was take a nap for 7 straight days! Monday it was so cold that I had to put on sock and my slipper booties.
 One of my students had to cancel their lessons that day so I took that free time and baked cupcakes. they were delicious! And the student I shared them with really appreciated them. 

 Wednesday it was guess what, cold and rainy. I was sitting at my desk getting work done before teaching.

 And Thursday was more of the same! My idiot across the street neighbors keep leaving their truck in front of my house. It's the law in my town a vehicle can't be parked on the road without moving for more than 5 days. So at 6 days I called the non emergency police line and turned them in. a Police Officer came out and knocked on their door that afternoon but both of them were gone. Considering the truck sat there for another two days I am guessing they didn't get a ticket which irks me.
 Slippers and leggings . Basically my week.
 Friday I got creative with my lunch and made home made nachos. I.e. I ran out of tortillas :)

 This was my ONE MORE LESSON and it's the weekend face.
My weekend was uneventful but I did see my favorite greys episode of all time. The famous Dr Avery with his shirt off episode that Jboz and I watched in the Hospital waiting room while Emboz was giving birth to Madi!! Ahhhh that episode brings back good memories!!

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