Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Last week I kind of fell apart in the picture taking category. I don't know what I did on Monday, other than teach, because there are no pictures of it! I did take pictures of under my hood to send to my Dad, for him to show me where to hook up my a/c. And it was already hooked up! So that was a win!
 I do Mturk on the side, and last week, and the week before I had daily special surveys for two different research people. One of them was taking a picture inside my truck at the end of the day with a special letter and the date. Don't ask me what they are researching, but they paid me 1.00 for each day!! :)

Tuesday was time for me to visit my friends in the Alzheimer's Wing at Mulberry! I always look forward to my visits, playing for the residents and chatting with them! Last time one of them wanted me to play "Harder" Songs :), so I delivered and she was happy! My arms were sore after that hour concert though!! I also learned the hard way that their piano was, I think maybe flat.... Because every song with sharps in the key signature sounded like I was hitting ever.single.note.wrong. which is also great when it's a 5 page song.  It kept throwing me off, thinking I was hitting the wrong keys, so I would correct and then HIT the wrong keys! Thankfully i finally figured it out and only played the key of C and Flat Key Signature songs after that!
 It was also blazingly hot inside. Which I knew it would be, since it's usually warm, and it was the warmest day of the year. I was SOOOOO thankful that I had thought to bring a small fan with me. Playing the Piano for an hour is a workout anyway, even more so in the heat. I still needed a shower when I got home, but at least I didn't keel over from the heat!
 Wednesday, still hot.

Thursday, apparently I took zero pictures. So no clue what happened that day other than my normal large workload.

 Friday dawned early.... Rainy and COLD! I got ready quickly and then ran over to Mary Lou's for sustenance, and boy did we need it!! We both ate a donut on the way home and I swear it was the best donut of my life!!

 Can you see the pile of stuff behind me? I brought a laundry basket for me and one for Mom so we could keep our things separate, and mine was filled to the brim! It's pouring rain at this point, and yes I have sunglasses clipped to my shirt because once in awhile it would be sunny-ish. But it was mostly wet cold miserable rain.
 Case In point. Finally when we were on the 3'rd street and my pants were soaked, I said, Let's just go home. We stopped at one more sale, and it didn't have much, so we happily headed home and had a donut. And then OF COURSE by the time we get back to my house it was SUNNY outside. 
 Soaked to the brim and headed home. Also I WISH that was my purse but it's my Moms. #IHeartMintGreen
 We were almost to my house and my Mom spied a yard sale sign, so we decided to stop at one more. We got lost in the complex, (eventually found the sale, I got two purses and the best candle EVER)  and stumbled across these JD lovers. So Mom made me be a creeper and take pictures.

 Most of my Loot!! I made out like a bandit!!!! 17 shirts/cardigans, three purses, 9 scarves, 3 pillows, 10? Clothes items for Addie, along with a Cabbage Patch Doll I'm gifting her. An adorable coffee mug, a nice insulated water mug. 2 bracelets, 1 necklace, several books for the waiting room, a blanket, a fan for beside my bed, some holiday decorations (Fall and Christmas) and I'm sure I'm forgetting some other things! It was worth being soaked to the bone.

I ended the weekend worrying about my parents. We had severe weather on Saturday, I think it was. And tornadoes, and of course it was right over where they live. thankfully they were ok and no tornadoes touched down nearby! It was quite the week!!

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