Tuesday, June 6, 2017

22/52- Visit with Audra & Addie and Roman's 2'nd Birthday Party!!!

 Whew!! What a Week!! I had virtually no pictures for Monday- Wednesday, but I made up for that in the latter part of the week. :) Monday and Tuesday I had off work, a 4 day weekend. And my only plans were church on Sunday. And it was WONDERFUL!!! I can't tell you how much I needed several days off with no plans, nothing to do, nowhere to be, no one to see! It was wonderful, and rest full and just SO much needed.

 Thursday was the first day of my studio's Summer Schedule, which meant I actually got done in the afternoon vs late in the evening. Which was nice! I had an apt with a new prospective dr. My wonderful Dr, moved late last year, and after trying a different Dr, whom I was not pleased with. I did some research and found one that was close to my house and looked promising. I asked for one of my Specialist's opinion and she highly recommended them, so I went into the apt feeling hopeful! And wearing my new sandals which must makes everything better.
 Waiting.. and waiting.. BUT the wait was worth it!! I really liked the Dr I met with, he laughed at my jokes, and was just very easy to talk to. I think I found a winner!!

After I got done at the Dr's office, I had some errands to run, including finding a present for a toddler's birthday party I was going to on Saturday. I spent a delightful hour, ok possibly a little more than an hour, walking around Ollie's. I feel like if I had a dating profile I could put on there "I like long walks around Ollie's, looking at virtually every product they sell" sad..but true!!!!!
 I stopped by the Library to pick up some books on hold, and later that night couldn't decide which book i wanted to read first. #NerdProblems I picked the Kennedy book and it was SOOOOOOO good!!
 Friday I got up and got myself and my house ready for my Framily to visit. Audra and Addie were coming through town and I got to see them! I was super excited!! I was so excited in fact that I sat outside, in front of my house on my bench, reading so I could watch and wait for them.
 Seriously, this book was interesting!!
 Or Teenager??!
 Addie found my sunglasses, and she was a fan. I might have to go back to Dollar Tree and get her a pair, she thought she was big stuff!!
 I mean, I can't!

 I just love these two SO MUCH!!!!! Addie didn't need any time to warm up to me, she was so excited to see me, had me get her out of her car seat and was chattering away about the choo choo train she got to see for 20 mins while they were stuck by my house, and the doughnuts they had brought for me. She was such a little love bug, which I didn't hate at all :)

 Love that girl and so thankful for our friendship!!
 Addie where is your tongue?
 Addie where is your smile??!
 I had found a Cabbage Patch Doll at a yard sale a few weeks ago and bought it to give to Addie. She wasn't too sure about her hair. HA! I put some braids in and pulled it back, and little straight haired Addie wasn't quite sure what curly haired Miss Charity had done to her baby. 
 I think she still liked the doll though!
 Cubbie needed to go outside before they left, and enjoyed rolling through the grass.
 Addie and I sat down on my porch swing and much to her delight, the train behind my house started to move. She is pointing it out to me and saying lots of things about the "choo choo's" Half of which I could understand :)
 Still watching the choo choo's!!

 After A&A left, I ate some dinner and then headed back outside to sit on my swing and read. So relaxing!! I love Friday nights on my porch swing!!
 Sunday I was up bright and early to get ready for Roman's 2nd Birthday party! He was not quite sure about everyone singing to him. He got a little embarrassed!  I love the look he is giving me. Like, Why??!!
 Roman's Mommy and her family are basically my second family, so I enjoyed getting to see everyone! Aunt Bunny and Auntie Cherrybear
 Ro Ro Opening his gift from me. I'm not sure who was more excited in these pics? Ro or his Mommy?
 It's a CAT truck! Or Digger, or something of the like.

 It was good to catch up with Emboz!! Although we missed Betharooski! She was at a church event. Boo :(
 "Get your Motor Runnin........."
 Auntie Cherrybear with Jboz, now the Momma of a TWO YEAR OLD! WHHHAAATT???!! She's also the maker of the best dang chocolate cupcakes and chocolate icing I have had outside of Gigis. Sweet Nibblets. SO GOOD!!
Saturday morning I started having coughing fits, overnight really. When I got up for Ro's Party I didn't feel so great. As the day went on, I started coughing more, sneezing and having that dreaded gross taste in my mouth. Ugh. The Taste of Death! Or an incoming cold. Well by Sunday morning I was REALLY feeling crummy. But, I had told someone that I would Sub for them on the Welcome Team at church Sunday morning, so I took some cold medicine, shoved some cough drops in my cheeks, and headed out. Let me tell you I look 900% better than I felt. I was a hot mess. Thankfully they didn't need me for after the service, so as soon as I was done with my duties, and the sermon started I left and went home. Which I think is the first time I have ever done that, but I was miserable. By the time church was out, I was home, in my pj's with my makeup off, and laying in my bed.  Thankfully after lots of fluids, vitamins, and a sunday of laying around I was feeling much better by Monday, which was a good thing because I had a crazy full day! But you will hear all about that next week!!

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