Monday, June 12, 2017


 Monday morning was the first day of Summer Schedule on a Monday, so I was up bright and early to get ready for a ton of students. I spent an inordinate amount of time staring out my window at this HUGE bird. It was picking away at roadkill, so I spared you from that #YoureWelcome, But I couldn't take my eyes off it. It was HUGE!! Also #EasilyEntertained #TurningIntoMyDad

 I put on my new favorite comfiest shirt that I got on clearance at Walmart and prepared to teach a whopping 9 students. It was a marathon!! Days with only a 30 min break for dinner are not ideal, but it is worth it to have Fridays off during the summer!
 Finally, at 7:30 when I was done teaching, I was tired of being cooped up inside all day, so I poured myself a nice cold glass of Faygo Red Pop and went outside to get some fresh air.

Tuesday.... Oh Tuesday... there are no pictures of Tuesday or Wednesday because Tuesday afternoon I went from Fine, to REALLY not fine. Out of nowhere I got terrible stomach pain and started throwing up. Thankfully I quit throwing up in the late evening, but I was out of commission on Weds. Still not sure whether I ate something that didn't agree with me, or one of my Monday students gave me the Flu. You'd better believe I will be interrogating every one of them today to find out if they were sick last week!!

 Thursday I was more than happy to be up early at my new Thursday time of 8:15 am, in order to get ready to teach. Thankfully I was feeling much better, albeit not that hungry (Which days later I am still not that hungry
I snuck in a little bit of practice time between students.
By the last lesson of the day I was ready to put my feet up, so I did just that on my extra piano stool. I got a kick out of my student's outfit, she looked like Minnie Mouse! So cute!!!!
After I was done teaching, it was actually still late afternoon, HURRAY for Summer Schedule!! So I went out and ran some errands, like going to my favorite place, The Library, to pick up some books on hold, and get my hours stamped for the summer reading program. Then I was in the longest line at the pharmacy. 
I got home and remembered I needed to do some laundry, and upon entering my laundry room, found my attic area disturbed. I told my Mom I was worried a Person or Wild Animal was coming to kill me. I about killed my finger pulling it shut, so I don't think anyone/thing got in.
Friday I had OFF!! And it was wonderful not to have to set an alarm! I want to do some Fun Friday things this summer, but after being sick I was beat and just had a nice relaxing weekend. By Sunday morning I was ready to see people and go serve at church! My normal coffee turned into a Fraup and it was tasty! Sidenote: Does anyone else have the issue of drinking coffee early in the am and then by the time church comes around you're tired? I keep thinking I should bring more coffee with me to church! We have a little coffee shop there but it's hot coffee and I don't really care for warm drinks, and I also like to flavor my coffee within an inch of it's life.
It was supposed to be crazy hot outside so I decided to wear a long skirt with my Serving Shirt, and cute sandals.
YAY for Team 2!!! My Team was CRACKING me up that morning!!! I feel like I'm finally getting to know several of them, And we are developing our own inside jokes, and it's just so much fun! Serving Sundays are my favorite because as a single girl, going to church alone, I usually sit alone and I'll talk to people I see and know, but Serving Sundays are GREAT because I get to talk to tons of people, and make them feel welcome, and I just feel really connected. I love it! We took up two offerings, well the second was sign up sheets, and I took the shift of standing at the Info Desk during the service, so by the time I finally got home from church I was more than halfway done with my steps for the day. HURRAY!! I found myself doing laps in my hallway right before bed so I could get the final 9 points I needed to get to 10,000 steps. HA!

The rest of Sunday was filled with cleaning, more reading, and piano practice, and some soul filling conversation with a dear friend. So thankful for friends that will speak truth to me, and encourage me with God's word!

And that's a wrap for Week 23!!

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