Wednesday, July 19, 2017


This past week's recap might possibly be the least amount of pictures ever in a recap and as you read it, you'll see why!

Monday was another busy day. Here is a Piano Teacher before teaching 9 students (all but one back to back)
 And here is a VERY tired teacher 9 students later. Mercy. I was exhausted!
 Wednesday I had a massage first thing in the am, per the usual. And ran into a student/friend of mine there, getting her first free massage on her birthday! Whoo Hoo!! 

That morning before I headed to my massage I noticed that my ear felt fluidy. Which is rare since i have ear tubes. My left ear, has a tube that is not in my ear drum anymore. It's moved out, but hasn't pushed out of my ear yet. So I thought it would be safe to put some peroxide in my ear to help with the fluid. 




So very wrong!! It was some of the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I was ok for the first maybe 60 seconds, and then I breathed or something and the peroxide went down and it was like the burning fires of hell in my ear. (I say that not to curse, or be funny, I say that quite literally. As I was running to the bathroom and frantically trying to flush out my ear, while trying not to pass out from the pain, I kept remembering what Pastor Steve had said about the pain of hell during our Revelation series. As I'm trying not to scream from the pain, his comments about the pain and burning of hell kept flashing through my head, and let me tell you, I got really convicted about witnessing to people! Not even kidding. It's funny what flashes through your mind at times, but that pain was horrendous and I could only think that the pain I was in, had to be nothing compared to what we had learned about in Rev, what Hell would be like for unbelievers.) Anyways, it was beyond terrible. And really only made things worse.

By Weds evening I couldn't hear out of my ear. By Thursday I was straight up miserable.
But a girl's gotta teach. So Teach I did. With one ear. It was not the easiest thing I've done. I posted a side by side on IG, this is what I look like to everyone who see's me...


 This is how I feel inside. Ohhhh the pain!
 Thursday after I was done teaching I headed to my Dr's for a same day sick apt. Left with prescriptions for two antibiotics.

 And I spent the rest of the week, weekend, and MONDAY, like this. Laying on my couch (or bed) with a heating pad on my ear trying to get it to drain. Feeling miserable, and running a fever.

It's now Wednesday, and I have been back at the Dr again, and am SPOILER ALERT, still sick. Blech. Goodbye week 28, I won't miss you!

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