Sunday, July 23, 2017

Book Review: Heart on the Line by Karen Witemeyer

If you're rushed for time, let give you the highlights. This book was great and Karen Witemeyer has been added to my favorite author list!

In fact, In the time since reading this book, I have checked out every single Karen Witemeyer book my library and online library has to offer. Yes, she is that good!

This book is in a series on the ladies of Harper's Station. However it is not the first book in the series, even though I hadn't read the first book when I read Heart on the Line, it was very easy to jump in, and I was not at all confused on the characters or what was going on!

I love that her characters are multi layered, and NOT PERFECT! I love a good love story, possibly more than the normal person, but generally the heroine's are always kind of the same. Not so in Karen's books. Each Heroine has a very distinct personality and very REAL flaws. In fact, even the love interests have flaws! So often we think of our perfect guy as just that, and forget that everyone is made differently and that no one, even the cutest guy, is perfect. I loved the look inside to the male and female perspective, and to get to see their feelings, and self doubts!!! I'm telling you, REAL characters. 

This book jumped between the male and female lead, and then it also had a sub story of another female in Harper's Station. Usually I don't like books that go back and forth, but this was so seamless that I didn't even notice it. I appreciated getting to know what was going on in the guy's brain while the woman was saying things! And yes, I can't remember the names of the Characters because I loaned the book to my Mom to read, and have read 10+ other Karen Witemeyer books since then. #SoManyCharactersInMyHead

Another interesting thing about this book is that is was focused on a Telegraph Operator, and went into detail about the life of a Telegraph person. You really wouldn't think that would be so interesting but it actually was! Living in our lives of technology and phones and email, ect ect, you forget about how people had to communicate and get news passed back and forth years ago. I found it fascinating and by the end of the book I actually wanted to look up further information on telegraph's!

All in all this was an  excellent book and I can't wait for Karen Witemeyer to write another one, so I can devour it as well!!

Thanks to Bethany House for Providing me with a copy in exchange for my honest opinions, and giving me another new fave author to add to my must read list!!

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