Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Monday was my first Monday working since I got sick with the ear mess. I had to drink coffee at my break around 3:30 because I was SO.TIRED. I barely made it thru the day awake and by the time the last student left at 7:30 I collapsed on the couch and pretty much didn't move the rest of the evening!

Tuesday was my day to go visit my friends at the nursing home.. I wore a sleeveless top and knee length skirt and sandals, and packed a fan just in case. But when I made my way to the 100 Wing I was pleasantly shocked to find...
AIR CONDIDTIONING! Y'all I can't tell you how excited I was! It's usually super hot in there, since the bay window area isn't used all day and the residents are colder natured, so to feel that AC on full blast was amazing! Especially since I still had a fever from my ear ( Don't worry, not anything I could pass on to the residents, unless they were inside my ear with my ear tube ;) )
I took this at the end, and one lady rolled by in her wheel chair, giggled at me, and said something to the likes of "You're checking out how pretty you are" ha! I love them! They are good for my soul, and my ego! I met a new resident, Mrs. J, and had the most delightful conversation with her! She shared the sweetest story of how she and her husband met and was just so funny and sweet! She also called me beautiful, I swear, ever feeling down, go visit these people and you'll perk right up!!
After chatting with Mrs. J and the activity assistant for awhile, I left and made my way back to town. I skipped my normal post piano pizza at Buck Creek Pizza since i didn't have much of an appetite, and decided to run to the grocery store instead to pick up a few items on my way home. I passed two men getting arrested on the way, THAT was interesting!! I finally made it home and my parents came by and Dad mowed my lawn, while Mom and I chatted. I fed him some dinner and sent home a Coke Cake which apparently he really liked!!!
Wednesday was a big day! I started off the day with my last free massage from the summer massage clinic. OH the sadness!!!! I was sad to see it end!! I had the BEST massage ever, which i thought I had earlier in the summer, but this girl blew that one out of the water. the students this year were seriously amazing and only got better each week.

I also realized I had to turn in my first reading hours sheet as the Summer Reading Program was ending soon. I finished one whole sheet which was 168 hours, and then got a second sheet and finished 24 hours on it! Didn't beat my reading hours from last year, I blame that on being sick and miserable for three weeks straight.
After my massage I ran to the Fair for lunch. I cannot live without my summer lemon shakeup and fair pulled pork bbq. I was smart and packed my older sneakers as I had heard that the fairgrounds were muddy. Muddy was an understatement. First of all I practically had to park at my house. I think parking at my house would have been less walking. Secondly, I parked so far away that I LOST my vehicle when I went to leave. I walked around for 11 MINUTES trying to find it. And walked a half of a mile. I know this because when I went home and synced my fitness tracker it had the time and told me the miles I walked, HA!!!!! Thirdly, by the time I finally found my truck and tried to leave.... I had to put my 4 wheel drive on to get out of my muddy parking space. There was legit a moment where I thought I wasn't going to make it. Super awkward since I was heading home to teach lessons. thankfully i did, and I made it home and had to hose off my legs from the knees down thanks to the mud.

Anywho, mud not withstanding, I had a lovely time at the fair! When I was standing in line for my lemon shakeup, one of my student's Nana came by and I started talking to her for a few minutes. She went to go see my student and a few minutes later guess who ran up to me? My Student! She had 5, yes 5!! goats at the fair and wanted to show them to me, and I happily went! They were SO cute!! I was loving on Gizmo, my favorite, how can you not love him by name alone? So fun to see her and meet the famous goats I hear so much about!
During a break in lessons I ran to the Library to turn in my reading sheet and pick up some books. They pretty much always have a small rack of free books to take, and I found several for myself and people I know. I picked these two up for my oldest nephew. He will be thrilled. His Parents maybe not so much. Fascinating reading right there...... HA!!
I don't remember which day this was but it was 9:24 pm and still 78 degrees. #HOT

 Thursday I was all about being comfy, I took several pictures of myself in a headband that two students from an old job gave me years ago and just realized I never shared it with them! Whoops!

 My #NVUncharted Shirt is basically the softest t shirt i have ever owned.
 And It is mint green which makes it my favorite t shirt I currently own!!
 After teaching, getting an allergy shot, I was tired and hungry! I stopped at the Igloo for a small chocolate milkshake when I went to my chiropractors. Ice cream and an adjustment? yes please!!
I mean that's a perfect afternoon right there!

I spent the rest of the week/weekend relaxing at home, trying to get some rest and beat this ear crud, and still fighting off a fever. Thankful for a long weekend to rest and save up my strength for the next week ahead!

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