Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A day in cell phone shots..

Muy Caliente got me these SUPER FESTIVE PINK clips!!!!! I was very excited!!! We are going to make Valerie wear one tomorrow for Pink Weds since she is STILL fighting wearing Pink! Usually I give her a sticker, which I have a sneaking suspicion she takes it off as soon as she leaves our office. This will make her day I am sure!! :)
Muy Caliente also wrote me a little love note!! I was sitting ever so innocently at my desk when I turned to look at her and she is holding the heart clip above over her chest and moving it like a heart beat. I almost peed my pants laughing. It was funny!! So she gave me a little love note to remember her by! HA!
And here we have unidentified student #2423 *cough* Denise *cough* Bless their hearts our students are going though hard core testing right now and having to wear a lab coat while allready nervous is making for some sweaty individuals. No bueno. Luckily for Denise here, someone brought her a fan! When that didn't quite do the trick I may or may not have gotten my can of air and sprayed it all over her face and even made her lift her arms. Full service here folks!! I'm going for Receptionist of the year! I wonder if there is a Parade for that??????!
And this is the final picture of the day. I brought in Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter fudge for my peeps today and they scarfed it up. Since testing isn't done yet I decided to make more for tomorrow. I also made some Iced Walnut Brownies with heart sprinkles, because really everything is just better with sprinkles on it!! I made another batch of PB fudge, ran out of chocolate chips :( I don't think this batch is as good as today's I had some issues with the consistency but hopefully they will like it anyway!!

And I"m pretty sure after that last picture my brother and sister in law are both drooling over their laptops. Sorry guys :)


Denise Rauch Verhey said...

Ok so I am blogging now right? I think that counts for something!!! Thank you for making such a stressful day tolerable (yesterday).....it was rough. My pink flower make my blue flower feel much better today! ;) Ok so I am going to need some peanut butter fudge tomorrow? Is that possible? I will settle for a cupcake! Hugs to you! You are the bestest!

Cherry said...

Technically you are leaving a blog comment but I am SUPER DUPER PROUD OF YOU!! :):):)

I"m glad I could do something to help! I felt so horrible for all of you!!