Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I love Boys!

Well if you have been paying attention to my twitter feed, you will know that today I found out that I am going to be an Auntie to a precious little baby boy!! I am SO excited to know who is coming now! Now I will start a countdown to the birth!! :) 4 more months!!

I'm really happy for my brother, Kevin and my SIL Liz. They will be fabulous parents and I can't wait to watch this new season of life that my big bro is entering into! I started thinking about how weird it was going to be to have a new little member of the family, since its really just us 6 (Mom &Dad, K&L and me and Grams) but then I realized I always thought it would be weird to have a sister in law and my brother be married (seriously, when did we become old enough to get married and have kids??!!) but when K&L got married it really was like finding a missing member of the family! Liz completes our family and now we are going to add a baby to it, the best of K&L and I'm really excited.

Honestly I am a bit nervous. I was hoping for a girl, just because Katie has boys and I wanted some variety, and foofo stuff! :) But I am somewhat relieved to find out that its going to be a boy! I've been seriously worrying about how to be a good, Godly Aunt. I don't really have extended family. Well.. I have them, but I don't have them if you know what I mean. And I've never had an example of a Godly Aunt so I'm somewhat lost as to what exactly I'm supposed to do and what is called of me. The knowledge that this child is going to grow up and will look to me for advice and as a role model seriously scares the ever lovin tarnation out of me!! So at least being an Aunt to a boy who won't be modeling my behavior as much as a girl will maybe ease me into this Aunthood.

I will even admit that I have googled how to be a Godly Aunt and I haven't gotten very far so if anyone has any advice or tips, PLEASE leave them for me!!!

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