Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Mad List

So I have this problem. When I get upset at people and am mad at them, I forget. I have the memory of a cantaloupe when it comes to things like that, so to help me I have created the "Mad List". The Mad List consists of Pink Post it notes stuck to my computer (if the offense is highly egregious) or stuck to my desk calendar. Included on each post it note is the Offender's name/nickname and the offenses or code words to jolt my memory. Sadly this picture is outdated allready as I took it yesterday and Apes has added to her list as has Muy Caliente. They are in a close run for first place I am not sure who is going to pull out ahead at this point. Tomorrow should tell. The offenders seem to find it quite hilarious that I have to take the note down and add their offenses to it. Nefarious little sot's they are!

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