Friday, June 24, 2011

Show us your Singles- My Best Friend Kim!!

Meet my Best Friend Kim!! (on the right) She is a late 20's southern belle who has no idea I'm doing this. (Pray for my health and safety!!) Kim has been my best friend for 7 years now and is genuinely one of the nicest, sweetest, SELFLESS people I have ever met. People like her do not come around very often. She has a real sweet spirit to her and is very nurturing. She lives in Florida and graduated from the Christian college we attended with a degree in Office Administration.
Just look at how pretty she is! As pretty as she is her heart is even prettier!! She is a firm believer and is very involved with her church teaching kids and is involved in getting a singles group started! She is very creative and is very handy! She can cook quite well, really well actually!! She LOVES sports, her favorites being Football, Baseball and the deal breaker- NASCAR. If you don't like NASCAR or are not willing to watch it and learn, you need not apply. I myself hate NASCAR but she didn't know that when we met and I have made it impossible for her to get away from me, so she is stuck with me despite that small fact!

Look into those beautiful eyes! Don't you just want to look into those eyes for the rest of your life? (disclaimer, those are her real, untouched eyes. Seriously.)

Thats what I thought!! Leave a comment here or tweet me at CharityBrooke and we will make a connection happen!! And please, play some NSYNC at my funeral ;)

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