Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday in Pics!

AKA I am way too tired to come up with something intelligent to blog about sooooo.. here we are again!!
Thursdays treat for my peeps was Cherry Chip Cupcakes. With Sprinkles. I mean really, do you even have to ask? I will also mention that the icing- Homemade. thats right. One of the 5 things I can make decently is my Momma's buttercream icing and I swear I could have just eaten the whole bowl of it. I asked Apes if she thought anyone would notice if I just licked all of the icing off of the cupcakes and put them on my desk like that. Sadly, she did not approve of that idea. :(
Oh and if you're wondering what lovely cupcake wrapper I have, um yeah its some bug transformers looking thing. all I know is that they were 67 cents at payless and that made them beautiful to me!!
By now we have learned that apparently I like to do food art on my desk. Hey-whatever makes me happy!! Sadly I didn't have enough cupcakes to spell anything :( Sadness.
And yes, Charity is my name. Hence the NAME PLATE next to the BUSINESS CARDS, just sayin... Some people apparently have minor issues knowing my name. *cough*

And finally we had a very special adorable visitor! Miss Izzie came to visit us with unidentified office worker *cough* Muy Caliente *cough* Jessica. (If you never hear from me again she's killed me for posting another picture of her. Seriously, NSYNC at my funeral please, tearin up my heart and bye bye bye at the end, thanks) Izzie wasn't exactly enamored with me to say the least which was a blow to my heart. I am popular with the 10 and under crowd but not this child! I said Hi to her and smiled and she started crying. Maybe there was something in my teeth??? Tried to bribe her with candy and a cupcake but alas that did not work either :( She is still absolutely adorable though! And I will win her over!
So that was Thursday, and now I'm off to clean my kitchen from the cupcake mess from last night and bake cookies for tomorrow.

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