Friday, August 6, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. Everyday when I get home and before I go to bed I check my shower to see if there is anyone in it. Yes I'm paranoid, and No i'm not sure how they would sneak past me to get in my shower to hide and kill me after I've been home for hours.

2. I have a nervous tic or maybe just a bad habit, of smoothing back my bangs and re-tucking them behind my ears. I only noticed that this week when I pulled my hair all back and didn't have any bangs. I caught myself trying to smooth them back all day!

3. Hopefully the Pimpmobile is getting fixed tomorrow. Its shaking and coughing so bad right now. Poor baby. :( I was eating lunch in my truck this week and I noticed my hands were shaking. I thought, wow, how did my blood sugar get that low? And then I realized my hands were shaking because the truck was shaking!!

4. I have a soft place in my heart for 50 cent. I may have no skin tone but there is a little ghetto inside of me!!

5. I haven't eaten Pringles in years untill this week. Suddenly I am obsessed with Ranch Pringles. Gives you horrible breath, but tastes oh so good!!

6. I miss my Apes. :( It is very lonely without her. I have began talking to my computer AND myself... 5 more days without her :(

7. Every time. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. that I get ice out of the dispenser in our fridge at work, the ice attacks me and at least two pieces fall on the ground. The more I try not to drop them, the more that fall.

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