Friday, August 13, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. Today is my LAST day ALONE in the office!!! I am sooo excited for Apes to come back this weekend! I miss her so much!!

2. I noticed that anytime I lay down on a pillow I have to lift my hair and fan it out above my head. I absolutely cannot lay down on my hair. It almost hurts!!

3. Flashback Friday always starts with Biz Markie's Just a Friend. I almost ALMOST have all of the words memorized by now! I requested it at Apes wedding (hey she told me to!!) but the sinker of a DJ didn't play it before I left!

4. I made cupcakes last night and cooked a full meal. My poor kitchen looked like it had been through a battle. I think thats one of the reasons i don't like cooking, the whole cleaning up sucks. And since my kitchen counter space is so small. :( Everything ended up super yummy though!!

5. Totally rocking a sleeveless sundress on top of cuffed capri's. I have no idea if its fashionable or not but its danged comfortable.

6. Speaking of clothing I'm trying to figure out what I can wear during Non Instructional week next week to my 67806 meetings I have to attend that is going to be professional and not stinking hot. Normally I'd be rocking the dress pants but man alive... 100 degree heat and black dress pants. nothankyou.

7. Will Smith has the best flashback friday songs!!!

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