Friday, August 27, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. Have I mentioned lately how much I <3>

2. I have revived Summer Friday Movie nights! Tonight its "The Backup Plan". I know it isn't an oscar worthy movie but hey, I love cheesy!!

3. This is my last weekend at my apt for like 3 weeks! Crazy! Then I'll be back for one weekend and then jetting off to North Carolina to see my Caca!! CAN'T WAIT!!

4. Speaking of, I am supremely jealous! My two bestie's will be hanging out tomorrow night and I am stuck here in Indiana! :( Caca is in FL for a wedding and it turns out she's an hour away from Kim so they are spending the night at Kim's tomorrow night and having a fun little time. So Sad I won't be with them! They had better take GOOD PICS!!

5. Speaking of pics my camera is seriously struggling. I'm hoping I can find a replacement on Ebay that is like my broken camera because this new dude isn't working that great. The color is a tad weird.

6. I would just like to say that my burnt thumb from crafting last week- still injured. Still hurts. Turning keys in a lock-ouchy. :(

7. I have become OBSESSED with Ritz's new Crackerfuls. They are SOOOOO YUMMY!


~~~Alana~~~ said...

Brian is obsessed with the Garlic and Herb Crackerfuls! OMG! :) I haven't seen Backup Plan, but it sounds cool! :) Have a nice weekend!

~~~Alana~~~ said...

I gave you a Blog with Substance Award!

Priscila said...

I'M SO MAD THAT I DON'T GET TO COMMENT THROUGH MY PHONE ANYMORE!!! =( but I am LOVING #3!!!!!! heheheh...i can't wait to see you!!!!!!!