Friday, August 6, 2010

April's Wedding- Time to go Home!!

After we left the Reception Katie and I headed to McDonalds to change our clothes. We did not get the Frozen Strawberry Lemonade and I was a little sad about that because apparently thats only sold in Michigan right now. :( Sadness. Here we are fixin to get on the road! I think this might be our second best picture! We were really workin it that day!!
We passed a John Deere place so of course I had to take a picture for my brother and Dad. Long live JD!!

INDIANA!!!! Indiana never looked so good!!

OK funny story. Well two actually. As we were getting close to the toll road Katie told me to look at the ticket and see how much it would cost. So I look and find out its 1.60 a reasonable price. But I am immediately SHOCKED and HORRIFIED by the price to go to Portage!! Stinkin 4.70!!! I immediately said HEY!! Thats Highwa.. hahahaah HIGHWAY ROBBERY!!!!!! I got the humor right as it was coming out of my mouth. We laughed for a solid two miles. Possibly more. Tears were coming out of my eyes and I was gasping for breath so I really wasn't paying attention to where we were. Sadly this type of thing happens all the time. My brain and mouth aren't exactly connected!!
After that hilarity we came up to the toll booth, we were listening to one of my FAMOUS mix cd's and ol 50 cent was singing about his birthday. Katie looks at me and says, should we bump it? Its an old guy!! I said hey its your mini van, go for it!!
So we rolled up to the toll booth, 50 Cent bumpin it from her Mini Van Speakers and the look on that old guys face=PRICELESS!!

The final semi interesting thing that happened on the way home was passing where WNDU broadcasts from. My parents live North enough that they get South Bend TV, so I have grown up watching WNDU 16! Too bad we couldn't stop and chat with Maureen McFadden and Rick Mecklinberger! :(

I Just have to say that Katie Marie is a great Chauffer and a fun road trip buddy! We laughed SO HARD on the way home that we should have had 6 pack abs the next day from all the muscles used! She was a great sport to go with me and put up with my nefarious craziness!!

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