Friday, August 6, 2010

April's Wedding- The Zip Thru!

I am about to introduce you to something that I found quite intrguing. As we went through Logansport we passed the ZIP THRU. A drive through convenience store! I KNOW! I had never heard of such a thing either!! And look! They had a line!! a line people!!!

I was just flabbergasted. Luckily my picture taking did not suffer from my flabbergasted-ness.
They have bait! Going fishing? Just pop thru the zip thru and grab yourself some worms!

Drive thru! SERIOUSLY!

Hungry for some tuna? Maybe you need a little A1 on your steak? Or perhaps you have a craving for Campbells soup with your portable hot pot. The Zip Thru has it all!!

The cashier, zipper? Whatever her title is, was wondering why I was taking pictures. And before she found out she was standing with her back to the vehicle taking our orders.

I made her turn around. ITS FOR THE BLOG!!!! She asked if we were from out of town. I said yes. She didn't think I got out very much. Which is also true. I wanted to fake an accent and tell her i was Leroita but I was laughing too hard.

I want to know who the person was that come up with this idea. I am still in awe. Muy Caliente told me that drive thru stores are on every corner in Texas.

I think Katie and I need to take a road trip to Texas. :)

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