Thursday, August 12, 2010

Break Style...

Today I am sporting some of my festive new eye shadow! I think I finally found the perfect shade of brown that can be dressed up or fairly natural!

And wow do I have a Jay Leno chin in that picture!!

And I finally got some decent hair product that is actually working with the frizz!! I realized this morning that if I didn't have to do my hair I would save so much time in the morning! And I don't even spend that much time on it compared to other girls.
But when you add in having to put leave in conditioner on it before you comb so the tangles aren't as bad, combing through the mess, then putting curl mousse and gel cream on it. Not to mention blow drying it juuust right to where its still damp but not dripping and then straightening the bangs and shellacking the whole thing with hairspray.
Whew I'm tired just thinking about it! 4 total products used after the shower! Its no wonder i get super hot while I'm getting ready! I am proud to say though even with all that it only takes me 40 mins from getting out of bed to ready.

And finally my outfit today! Its the next to last day of break and while we're on break we get to do casual friday everyday! WHOO HOOOO!!!!! Its nice because its SO HOT outside I think I would melt into a puddle of sweat if i had to wear dress pants. Next week is definately going to be skirts all week long!!


Katie said...

Your hair looks Great in these pictures! Us curly haired girls have to stick together...what product did you use???

Hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend! :)

Cherry said...

THanks!! I am slowly but surely growing it out!!

After I get out of the shower I spray it with INfusium 23 leave in conditioner before i comb it with a supe wide comb.

Then I put some frizz ease mousse ( take charge- curl boosting mousse) in it and scrunch that around.

After that I put right on top of it a new product my mom got me, ok so she got all of these on sale on walgreens but details :)

Aveeno Nourish and stile soft hold gel-creme.

Mousse alone doesn't hold the frizz back now that its longer and gel alone makes it kind of crunchy and for me not as curly. but this gel creme stuff or the garnier fructtisse stuff is really good.

then i blow dry it and scrunch it and straighten my bangs and shellack the whole thing with tressemme hair spray. aerosal and i do the fine mist, always sold hold!

what do you use?

and how do you get your hair dry in the morning? mine is always wet but if i dry it too much it gets gross and frizzes out and loses its curl. my hair needs a therapist!