Sunday, August 8, 2010

Grace in the Small Things

1. The Pimpmobile being fixed and running perfectly! NO more shaking!!

2. Seeing my Mom twice!! YAYS!!


4. Weekend naps.

5. Making it through one week of Apes being gone without any huge problems.

6. Apes coming back in one week so I don't have to talk to myself anymore!!

7. Miss Alyvia Morgan being born safely!!

8. Kim having a blackberry. So nice to be able to talk to my BFF all day long even if she is hours away in FL!!

9. Little Caesars.

10. Winning a blog contest! YAYS!!

11. Ice cold water from my fridge.

12. Getting the bike out of my living room and actually having some SPACE!!

13. Casual Fridays every day during break!!

14. Candles.

15. Goofy Chick Flicks.

16. Facebook texts to my phone.

17. Faster internet at the apartamento thanks to their new service!

18. The perfect Summer evening where you don't have to be anywhere or do anything and you can just.... chill....

19. My new waterfall shower head. I feel like I"m at a hotel every time I shower now!!

20. The cutest little flip flops for my baby nephew! I can't wait untill next summer so he can wear them!!

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