Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Pink Weds!!

My faithful three girls sported Pink Weds attire even though they were in scrubs! Such dedication! I love it!! Here we have Unnamed student #789078907 aka Denise :) Sporting her Festive flower clip! She should be wearing her "bling blings" in her ears that I gave her but she lost them!! Bad girl!! We've got to work on that!
Kathy didn't get the pink flower memo so she sported some pink lipgloss. We gave her some grief over that so she thought she would add some of the decorations on my desk to her scrubs for festivity's sake. Yes, I have pink sparkly butterflies attached to my desk. You know you're jealous! Btw, she is blowing you a kiss here! *muah*

And sweet Cari got in on the fun too!! Love my Resp Girls!
I love that its spreading around campus! This afternoon a student came in and said she was looking for a Charity, I said thats me and she proceeded to model her pink outfit (head to toe, I was impressed!) and said that someone had ran into her in the bathroom and asked if she was celebrating Pink Weds!!!! and then they sent her down to my office to show me! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Pink Weds! What festive pink did you sport?
(and yes I realize there are no pics of me, I was struggling today)-(and yes I realize I have been struggling all week. ok last week too. minor detail. )

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Denise Rauch Verhey said...

Ok I think I am blogging again?! Lol. I LOVE this! Thank you for all you do for us Charity!