Saturday, September 25, 2010

7 quick takes-travel edition!

1. I am writing this from my Caca's MAC in NC! It doesn't havea backspace button so bear with me!!

2. My flights went smoothly and were uneventful minus getting my purse stolen by a nazi flight attendant and being humiliated by him in front of the entire plane. Stay tuned for the blog on that story!!

3. Dr Avery had his first taste of Sonic!! He loved it of course. Still highly upset he did not try the Cherry Limeade. How anyone could live without trying that AND loving it is just beyond me.

4. I'm officially in love with the Indy Airport. I hadn't flown out of the new one yet and wasnt sure what to expect. I LOOOVVVEEDDD it!!!! Security was split it into several sections so it wasn't everyone in the entire place trying to get through at the same time. genius. loved it.

5. I was highly surprised to see what some people wear to travel in. I mean heels? seriously? backless heels? short shorts that barely cover your bum bum? and seriously people, it was 94 yesterday I don't think big scarves are needed. especially when the ac didn't work on either plane.

6. We have had so much fun so far! We haven't been together in a few years but yet it feels like we haven't spent any time apart! possibly because we talk all day everyday but hey :)

7. When going to my connecting flight in Charlotte I almost got on the wrong plane. I was looking for my gate and went to the wrong gate. Why you ask? because I forgot where I was going and almost tried to fly to PENSACOLA!!!!!!! Wow. Some things never change. I guess all of those times flying back and forth from college stuck in my brain. i found it amusing though, after i had went to the correct gate which was across from the pcc gate- i saw pcc people boarding!!

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