Friday, September 10, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. I got to have dinner and hang out with my SIL last night!! We had SO much fun!! We had frozen pizza and were going to watch a movie but we were too busy talk to be bothered with a movie!! It was so great to spend time with her and see the project in the form of his bump :) I may not have much family but the family I have are beyond awesome!
2. I've been able to sleep!! Since I moved my bed I haven't heard my nefarious neighbors egregious noise which is SOOOOO GOOD. Sleeping on the couch for a few hours was getting really old really fast. So glad that drama is OVER!!
3. I BOUGHT MY TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats right! bright and early I bought my tickets to go to NC to see Caca!! So I have my tickets, drivers to and from the airport, now I just need to pack! Can it be the 23'rd allready? Pretty pleaseeeee???!!
4. I got two new monitors at work. I was super excited to have double monitors again but the new ones are like the little flat screen tv's so they are really wide. Its taking awhile to get used to. And for some reason they are really bright?? I thought it was just me but my boss said they looked super bright to her as well. If you see me wearing sunglasses at my desk you will know why!
5. I scored 12 bottles of Sobe life water for a total of 71 cents this week. I was so proud of my little couponing self!
6. It feels so good to have cut my hair and i think its cute and perky but i'm still torn as to whether i should have it longer or keep it shortish?
7. I'm excited about seeing one of my old co workers this coming week! She is looking into coming here for one of our majors so she's stopping by! On a Pink Weds no less!! YAYS!!

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