Friday, September 17, 2010

Apes Birthday Party!!

We had Apes Birthday Party today!! I absolutely LOVE this picture of the three of us!!! I call it tallest to shortest!! :) (and yes Muy Caliente was standing on her tippy toes! HA!)

She was TOTALLY surprised by the pre-decorated office and blown away when we started carrying in truck loads of food!! I love surprising people but usually I am SO excited about it that I blow the surprise! Not this time! She had NO CLUE!! Love it!!
We got her a cute shirt that you can't see that well but has fabric flowers all along the neckline and inside each has a tiny bling! Very Apes!

We also got her a certificate to have a a one hour swedish massage!!! She was very excited and surprised as you can tell in this picture!!
I love birthdays, even those that aren't my own! :) I just think its a really great time to celebrate that person and show them how special and appreciated that they are! And of course that always means having balloons and cake :)
Happy Birthday Apes!!

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