Monday, September 20, 2010

Casting Crowns Concert!!

Friday night was the Casting Crowns Concert and it was AWESOME!! Its hard to nail down what the best part of it was but the coolest thing was sitting in the same section of the balcony with my friends! Above you'll see Emboz (and Madi!) and Jennifer and I. I walked into the balcony and immediately saw Mr. Boz. I thought that was super cool that we were sitting just a few rows over from eachother! At half time someone tapped me on the shoulder and lo and behold it was me and Emboz's Friend Jennifer from PCC! Crazy! She was sitting 7 rows directly behind me! It was just neat that God did that so we could all sit together and visit during the break!!
Here are me and Muy Caliente before driving over. I love the look she is giving. Like really, seriously? I didn't sign up for truck portraits!! Honey, you're riding with me so yes, yes you did!

Thankfully Katie is used to them and posed in her van before we left!!

Me and my Joey. He was SO EXCITED when we told him we were going to see the people that sing Slow Fade!! I thought he was going to stroke out for a minute there!! What a sweetheart.

And this would be a few hours after that. Poor bubbie could not make it to 11 pm. He fought a valiant fight but he was suddenly conked out on my shoulder. It was so cute i had to take a picture. And he slept right through that. Slept right through me screaming, hoot'in and hollering as my Dad would say. Bless my heart, my voice sounded horrible all weekend. Good thing I hibernated and no one had to hear me because it was BAD!
Anyways I am SO GLAD that I went to the concert!! Being in a room with thousands of other believers worshipping God was just indescribable. I said on my fb that I'm pretty sure thats what heaven will be like and I can't wait! I especially liked it when we sang acapella and it was just all of these voices lifting up to God! I used to love it in church growing up when we would sing hymns and sing the last verse without the instrument, my favorite was "Grace greater than all our sins"
I could write a whole 'nother post about hearing "Praise you in this storm" live. It was beyond words. Beyond words indeed. To be on the other side and see the great and mighty things that God has done in my life and in my heart since that storm.. wow... I sang with all my might to that song. God is great indeed. Sometimes its hard to remember when you're in the storm, but he is who he is, no matter where you are.

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