Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grace in the Small Things..

1. Being able to Surprise Apes for her birthday!

2. A FABULOUS Friday at work!!

3. The horrible noise in my apt complex stopping and finally being able to sleep.

4. Worshiping with several thousand people at the Casting Crowns Concert!

5. Emboz and Jennifer sitting in our section!

6. Leaving for NC in 4 days!!

7. Tomatoes straight from the garden.. mmm yummy..

8. Need I mention cucumbers??!!

9. My awesome blessed life.

10. A great kickoff to our Fall Women's Bible Study!!

11. Fall Weather.

12. Coca Cola. I love you and I always will!!

13. Fixing my computer myself. GO ME!!

14. Seeing Joey sing along to Slow Fade at the concert. So precious

15. People that make me smile!

16. A Day in Pj's. And yes I am a sloth! ha!

17. Two pictures on the same day of some of my favorite people!

18. Being able to serve at my church.

19. The friendships and wonderful women that I have met through my bible study!

20. Anticipating spending 4 whole days with my Caca!!! I miss her SO MUCH and can't wait to see her!!!!!

1 comment:

Priscila said...

yeah for 4 AND 20!!!!!!!!! teheheh....i can't wait!!!!!!!!! 3 more days!!!!!!