Saturday, October 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes

Yes, this is a day late because I've been blessed with some sort of a bug and spent yesterday praying for my death or the coming of Jesus. Sadly neither happened so I'm still here fighting the last dredges of it..

1. I got to have lunch with my Grams and her cousin Joyce on Thursday. The two of them together are quite a pair! Joyce is in her 60's and searching for a man and the stories she tells are HILARIOUS!!

2. We made it through the first week of Spring Registration. But not without consuming large amounts of chocolate, cookies, coke, caffeine and Excedrin. Only 6? More weeks to go!!

3. 6 weeks makes me cry a little bit.

4. So looking forward to Thanksgiving! I love that we get two days off I will be home at my parents for a blessed 4 days of peace and good food! YAYS!!

5. I finally switched over to my fall/winter clothes and it decides to get warm? What the mess? Please remind me of this when it gets cold at the end of next week and I am whining!

6. Sometimes I hear my cell phone texting ring when it really isn't ringing. Is that as bad or worse as hearing voices? not sure...

7. I need a sweet pair of black boots to wear with leggings. But I don't want to spend much. Any suggestions?

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