Monday, October 18, 2010

I am a baby stalker..

Ok I'm officially a baby stalker!! Despite the fact I had been there less than 12 hours before, I went and visited Madi and Emboz at the Hospital the next day over my lunch break! I just couldn't get enough of that precious baby girl!!
She was sleeping so I just watched her sleep and I tell you I could have stayed there all day long and watched her sleep! It was precious and very entertaining! I loved all of the little baby noises she was making in her sleep! And she also sticks her tounge out which is just ADORABLE!!!! She looked like a little kitten!!

Sweet Baby Girl

She is just beautiful! And like her big sis, looks EXACTLY like her Momma!!

Momma and Baby! If you notice her festive pink hospital gown, that was made by my bestie Kim! If you're having a baby and want to look as fabulous as Emboz does, shoot me a msg and we'll hook you up!!

I just can't get enough of this face!!!!! God is good!!

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