Tuesday, October 19, 2010

They just slliiiiiiiidddeeeee out!

Jenni reminded me the other night that I had forgotten to blog about the other conversation we had with scardey-cat med student little man. Apparently I had tried to block it out of my memory. In a moment you will understand why...

Right after we had finished jumping up and down screaming WE"RE HAVING A BABY!!!!! We composed ourselves and the little dude walked past us to go into Em's room. One of us asked him how long he thought it would take. He responded that it could take anywhere from 30 mins to 2-5 hours. At that point Jenni and I both groaned in agony as we both had to get up early for work.

I commented that hopefully it wouldn't take that long as when Emboz had Bethy she said it went fairly quick. So the little man asked how many kids she had given birth to. I replied that this was her second. He responded that was a good sign because the more kids you have THE LOOSER THINGS GET DOWN THERE.

We went on to inform us that by the time you have your fifth child it just Sliiiiiiiddddessss out because everything is so loose down there, and then he goes on to act the sliding of the 5'th+ children out of the loose body.

We were standing there staring in horror at him as he did this. Untill Sweet Jenni pats me on the arm and says "See Charity, by the time you have your fourth it will just slide out! You won't feel a thing!"

I about slapped her.

Love you Jenni!!

That only encouraged the little man and he really got revved up telling us about the Duggars, he informed us thats why she has had so many kids because they just slide out, almost like you sneeze and you have the baby. So she's able to have 19+ kids because really its just like a sneeze and then the kid plops out.

Pretty sure he's not going to be delivering my children. All 2-4 of them. Just sayin.

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