Monday, October 18, 2010

We have a BABY!!!

I think this is my new all time favorite picture! The JOY that was in that room once little Madi was born was overwhelming! I was so blessed to be there and get to see her and HOLD her! I wasn't expecting that at all so I was over the moon!!! Such a precious baby girl!
And she was so alert too! Her eyes were open the entire time! She was just taking it all in. While chewing on her fingers of course. She is in love with her hands!! Soooo stinkin cute!!

And this is my second favorite picture! I love how she's looking at me checking me out! This is the new background on my work computer and I stare at her all day long! She's just TOO CUTE!!!
Again with the hands, she was all about the hands! It was amazing to see how perfectly formed her little body was right down to the fingers. Her fingernails even needed cut! Seeing this tiny perfect baby just made me wonder how on earth that people cannot believe in God. Seeing this perfectly formed human come out of her mother's body.. its amazing! and its all God's work!

Again with me talking to Madi. I think this was the point I was informing her that she would be marrying my nephew in 30 years. An arranged marriage. Aint nothin wrong with that!!

And a close up of that tiny, beautiful, precious face. I am absolutely in love with this baby! but I'm trying not to be a stalker :P and leave them alone for awhile. I will be asking for daily pics though you can count on that!!
Welcome to the world Madelyn Faith! We are so happy that you're a part of our lives!!
(and if you're wondering where Emboz was in these pics, eating :) girl was hungry!! HA!)

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