Friday, November 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes

1. I am so looking forward to a night in my pjs and glasses, hanging out on my couch catching up on magazines and dvr'd shows more than I can express!

2. We're having insane weather here in Indiana. Today its 75, next week we're getting rain/snow mix. Did I mention I wore flip flops yesterday?

3. I heart Danny Gokey's song "It's only Love" I think it's one of my favorite songs of the moment, along with Stuck like glue, and Just the way you are.

4. Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away!! Sad that my bro and sil won't be there with us, I miss them :( but we will see them soon enough when Little No Name decides to make his appearance!!

5. I am behind in blogging about Bible Study, I promise I will get caught up with that this weekend!!

6. I will be setting up my tree next Thursday when Mom brings it and all of my Christmas decorations to town. I am SO EXCITED!! It always looks like Christmas threw up in my apt and that makes me very happy :)

7. I am starting a new blog with my headbands and other sparkly things I make and will start selling things on there. I will let you know when its up and ready!


Whitney said...

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see your new blog!

~~~Alana~~~ said...

Oh, headbands and sparkly things?? How fun! Let me know when you get your site up. Hey... I could do a giveaway for you on my blog. I am sure all 2 of my readers would love them. :)