Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grace in the Small Things

Ok so I was doing this awhile back and fell off the wagon but now I am committed to it again! Apes and I decided that every day we are going to come up with and share 5 grace in the small things with eachother to help with our stressed out crabby attitudes. And wouldn't you know after we did we both felt so much better and Twanda was nowhere in sight!!

So without further ado here we go!!

1. Marc Broussard- Pandora Radio- Dr Avery turned me onto this singer and I really like him! I discovered he gas a pandora station and i'm loving it!!

2. A really relaxing lunch break sitting in my truck with the windows down and the 70 degree in Nov!!!! wind blowing in.

3. Being able to get a salad with my sammie instead of the fries I don't like.

4. Not feeling like puking at all today! YAYS!!

5. Sheryl completely cracking me and a student up today with something so out of character, I almost died laughing!