Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Movin on up... to the third flooooorrrrr!

Well I am STRESSED to the max right now!!

I just found out today that I will be moving apts to get rid of the noisy dude who likes to play scary video games in the middle of the night and have dance parties all night long.

I am thrilled to get away from him. A tad miffed that HE doesn't have to move, excited to see my third floor apt with vaulted ceilings, DREADING moving all my junk, wondering how i'm going to get it all done, and saddened that my thanksgiving break will be taken up by MOVING. NOT.A.FAN. I hate moving. I would rather have my blood drawn or an iv in me than move. For those of y'all that know my intense fear and aversion to both this says alot.

I don't get my keys untill 5 pm Weds. thats right the night before Thanksgiving. I will get them, drive home to my parents for the night and next day. have thanksgiving where mom is threatening to serve STEAK since K&L won't be there, sleep, get up early and go back to Laffy and start the nightmare. So this means I need to start packing like 3 months ago. CRAP. I allready feel like I am hanging on by a thread, this is not helping matters at all. I just keep telling myself it will be for the good though. I will be able to sleep and not have to sleep on my couch and only get 5 hours of sleep a night. And glorious day I might actually make it to church on a Sunday morning because I wouldn't be kept up untill 5 stinking am listening to his ghetto thugging music. WHAT A THOUGHT!!!

Ahem. Sorry. Twanda says hi.

So yeah, pray for me, and I beg you, someone help me come move! :(

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