Friday, November 12, 2010

Open Table Craft Night!!

Thursday night we had our once a month craft night at church and I actually made it this time!! I worked on decorating two stockings for our office, Sheryl and Muy Caliente were not here last Christmas so they didn't have stockings. I quickly remedied that situation!! Here I am working away!!
Me and Foxy!! Funny- she is a good friend of Becky whom I worked with for three years in college at Watson's! So I have known her for 6 years and now she is coming to my church and bible study so I have gotten to know her in a different way and deeper and I think that is just so cool! And plus its great to have a friend thats taller than me!!!

Me and Berger... Glitter Glue is just one of the best inventions evah!! I will say though, Bryna let me borrow some of her glitter glue to have several different colors for my snowflakes, and i'm drawing them and getting glue ALL OVER my hands. I couldn't figure out how untill after the 6'th snowflake I realized there was a hole in the bottle and everytime i squeezed, glue was coming out! I thought it was just me struggling as usual! As Berger said, that was a good guess. HA!!

Sheryl's Finished Product!! I looovvveeeee the music note snowflakes!! LOVE!!! Thanks to Bryna and Val for their expert help!!

Muy Caliente's finished stocking!! And let me just tell you that glitter glue does NOT dry in 12 hours. I will leave it at that.

Me and Bryna! She is a SWEET friend I have met through my Women's Bible Study I heart her greatly!!

Me and Berger. From now on I am making people stand on a chair to take my picture since i look skinner and no double chin :) he he he
All in all a super fun night- but with these ladies I wouldn't expect anything less!!

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