Saturday, December 11, 2010

Update on Benjamin

I'm going to start just posting the updates that Kev is putting on his FB profiles. He and Liz are pretty private people and I want to respect that and not tell every little detail of what is going on. And even though Benjamin is a tiny little baby he doesn't need to have all of his medical chart posted online for the entire world to read :)

So with that said here is the Afternoon Update for Saturday

‎-Benjamin has been eating good since midnight on the 10th. His jaundice levels are up, so this am they put him under the light, praying that will be down tomorrow am when they retest. Praying that he has more BM's as that is needed....Praise that he had 3 this morning!
- NICU has gotten busy, praying that we don't get moved to a public room (ie no walls just a curtain)

Our parents came back home this afternoon as there is a blizzard headed for Iowa and a nasty storm headed for us. They did make it back safely and didn't get caught in adverse weather as they did going to Iowa.

Keep praying for Little Benjamin and our family!

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