Monday, January 31, 2011

OG with the Katie Marie!

Katie and I had a much needed girls date at Olive Garden Saturday am!! We had some super yummy salad! mmmmm....
Katie had her Minestrone soup that she's been wanting for weeks. Reunited and It tastes so good!!
And here people, right here is heaven. Breadsticks. And Alfredo sauce for dipping. Please see below.
YUM. It just doesn't get any better than this people. HEAVEN.
Apes talked me into having the Braised Beef Tortellini. It wasn't too bad! I always get my chicken fettuccine Alfredo, but i'm saving that for my birthday trip in a few weeks :)
After OG we picked up the bubbies at her mom's who was babysitting them. Sammy was WIRED! He was super tired but he was bouncing all over the place! Crazy boy! He's trying to look innocent here but we know the truth!
What a ham. He wanted more than two pictures!!
Joey. He still loves me and I'm still his cuddle buddy. Love that boy!! I'm going to be so sad when he thinks i'm not cool anymore. :(
Such a handsome little face!
The Salad they sent me home with!!! I got a doggy bag for my pasta and our waiter asked if I would like salad and bread sticks to take with me. um. heck yes??!!! So I got two meals out of one! Love that!!!! Great times with my Katie Marie!

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Whitney said...

They gave you a salad to take home?!? What?!?! I am forevermore going to have to drive to your Olive Garden. Ha!