Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why I should be Employee of the Year...

So I had a lovely lunch break, I went out and left my fabulous parking space right in front of the door, and when I came back 20 mins later it was still empty! So I parked in it and sang a little praise joy out of sheer joy of not having to slip and slide thru the parking lot.

I’m sitting there people watching everyone coming out of the building as I eat, the security guy that kind scares me went by and some other students I knew.

Suddenly I see a questionable looking character come out of the second set of doors to the building and take a cigarette out of his pocket and light up! Procedes to stand RIGHT BY THE DOOR SMOKING!!!

We are a smoke free campus and there are signs posted everywhere. Being that I am allergic to smoke I am rather passionate about people not smoking around me. Especially when it’s a rule!

I sat there for about 7 seconds until I whipped out my cell phone and called the security guy. Yes I have both our security officers and our police officer on campus programmed into my cell. It’s just smart.

So I call the security guy and say “Are you the one that just walked past me outside? Are you still outside?” he says “ um… well I don’t know where you’re at but probably! I’m outside!” I said “could you strolllllll back over here perhaps? There is a guy RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR SMOKING!! BLATENTLY!!! Standing right by the door smoking!!!” (Yes I did say it with feeling. I hate smokers.)
To which security dude replies “ohhh really??!! Where are you at exactly?” So I tell him where I’m at and exactly where the smoker dude is at. And I’m like, yeah I’m the girl eating in her truck you just walked by!! HA!!

So I get off the phone and I’m waiting for security dude to come bust the smoker, and keeping an eye on the smoker lest he get away because I was totally going to hunt him down. Thankfully I see Security dude round the corner, he gets close to my truck and I lean my head in the direction of the smoker and thumb my finger at him. He nods at me. I felt very stealth.

I watched as he gave him a ticket!! HAHAHA and he looked mad too! Um hello, you are standing right by the building blatantly breaking a rule that is posted EVERYWHERE and you’re looking mad? Dude you need a ticket for being stupid on top of the smoking!! Seriously!!

I finally realize I probably shouldn’t be snickering lest he notice me, so I just continue to watch out of the corner of my eye whilst eating.

Finally he gets his ticket and decided to leave campus, hahahahaha, and the security officer turns around and comes back my way. He looks at me and grins and nods like “yeah we got him” I gave him a thumbs up and mouthed “good job!!” he grinned back at me. I’m pretty sure we’re BFF now. If he’ll just remember that next time I make an inappropriate park. :)

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