Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011!

Friday night after church I headed home to the farm for Easter weekend!! We had a lovely service at my parents church where I got them to sit in the THIRD TO BACK ROW!!! on the total opposite side of where they normally sit!! They are third row from the front middle section people. I am not! ha! I am a back row Baptist and I am proud of it!! Mom snapped this picture of me before our photo shoot. Its totally me.
This picture cracked me up! Dad hadn't taken any pictures with my new camera I got for Christmas so he was getting used to it. I said Dad, um, are you sure the camera cord wasn't in that picture?
Me and my Momma on my second favorite place to be at the farm. the first being their comfy couch! HA! (but totally serious!!) I love sitting outside in the swing I have a perfect view of part of the backyard and the baseball field. The pool is right beside me on the deck. Its the perfect place to sit outside and relax. I love reading on it but sometimes I"ll just sit there and rock and watch the leaves dance on the trees. We have a big woods behind the pool as well so we have tons of trees. I love trees. Something about them is so relaxing to me.
And I didn't know which picture i liked better so I put both of them on here :)
My wonderful parents!! Mom got her Mother's Day makeover new haircut this past week but you can't tell it so much in this picture. it looks super cute though. Bryna did an awesome job!! Even Dad said it was really pretty :):):):):) I wish this had photographed better, Mom's shirt had sparkles all over it and they danced in the sunlight! It was so festive!
Me and my Daddy. Poor Man hates having his picture taken but he does it for the women he loves. His wife and his daughter :) I liked to remind him when he is saying something about me that he prayed for me. When Mom was preggo he wanted a daughter and all 9 months long he prayed I would be a girl. Even though they thought I was a boy. Obviously I am not! He got his prayer answered!!!! I remind him of that often and he likes to tell me he didn't know what he was praying for!HA! (wow looking at this in the preview its crazy how much I look like my Daddy!!)
And my gorgeous Momma again. It was really nice being home for a few days. Not long enough. Especially since I slept half of Saturday away. I tell you there is nothing like that Friday nights sleep when you come home. Most restful sleep I ever get. I love my home and I love my family!!

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