Friday, May 20, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1. I'm up to 30 followers!! I feel so famous and loved!!! :):):)

2. I have really been missing my Benjamin this week. Auntie needs to see her snugglemuffin soon.

3. I love paydays. I really do!

4. One of my co workers called my outfits Flamboyant the other day. I laughed. Yes I do like sparkles and do dads!

5. I did my hair a little differently today. I am ambivalent on how I feel about it but at least its out of my face!

6. One week from now I'll be getting ready to head home to the farm! YAYS!!

7. I am really loving Arby's coupons for free Market Fresh Sandwiches lately. God bless you Arbys!

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