Friday, May 27, 2011

Grace in the Small Things

1. A parking spaces two rainy days in a row.

2. A breakfast sammy from Muy Caliente when I was desperately dying of hunger.

3. Getting to visit with my Muy Caliente! I miss her!!

4. Beautifuly Quiet days at work.

5. Long weekends.

6. Heart to heart talks where you learn something from the other person.

7. New Nailpolish.

8. The anticipation of getting my hair done.

9. Two phone conversations with friends this week.

10. Baby Smiles and Snuggles.

11. Watermelon season!

12. Crisp Coke from McD's!

13. Realizing God is teaching you a lesson.

14. Finding my favorite lipgloss at Meijer!

15. Pretty new checks.

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