Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Graduation!!!!

So today was Ivy Graduation!! I worked so I could see all of my students on their special day! Since I am a loser or maybe just blind? I was unable to find ANY of my tadpoles afterwards. I don't know where they were hiding but I saw no one. SO Please picture all of the students above in their graduation finery posing at Elliot with yours truely. :)

I was kind of bummed not to find any of them BUT I was able to see all of them marching in! I doled out hugs and high fives and it was really cool! I had to work at not crying but I admit I did get a little tear in my eye! Pomp and Circumstance always does that to me! And to think that all these people who I've watched grow for the past year and a half are leaving me, sadness! But I'm so happy for them and the rest of my students for sticking it out and kicking some major academic butt!!
I learned that my camera does not to well in low light so this is the only picture from inside.
I had given up on finding anyone and was leaving pretty bummed when the heavens opened and angels sang and I ran into my My Muy Caliente!! I was sooooo happy to see her and get my picture taken with her! I asked her if she heard me owww owwww as she walked across the stage. she did :) which was impressive since i was about 5 rows from the back. What can I say? Good lung power!
She looked so beautimus and so happy and relieved! I don't blame her!! I have to brag on her some more, she is the first in her family (i believe) to graduate college! And she has done it while being a Mom to a 13 yr old Son and a 2 yr old Daughter! All while she takes care of every single member in her extended family. I thought it was very fitting that she was graduating on Mother's Day because she is pretty danged awesome and her whole family should celebrate her and her success!!

Congratuations class of 2011!!! You did it!! I'm so proud of each and every one of you and I'm going to miss y'all!!

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