Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home, Home on the Range! Memorial Day Style!

Friday night I went home for the much anticipated 3 day Memorial Day Weekend break! It was FABULOUS! I was sooooo happy to see this house as I turned in! The square part of the house is what the core was, my parents actually bought and moved the house when my Mom was expecting me. They moved it to this location and then over the years Dad has majorly built on. Off to the far right side is their bedroom that he added and behind the core is the family room, dining room and new tv room. Its a really big house when you see all of it. Which I love. Enables us to not be on top of eachother all the time :)
When I arrived Friday night my trees greeted me! For the first time in almost 7 days it wasn't raining. Unfortunately this did not last long. I was really hoping to be able to sit out on the deck and read but alas that was not meant to be. So Instead I sat on their fabulous couch and read two books in two days! It was GREAT! I love to read!

The farm. The cows weren't close to the fence and it was drizzling and cold so I wasn't going to chase after them. I have this major pet peeve of people saying they are "Country" when they were raised in town and haven't met a manure pile in their entire lives. DRIVES ME NUTS! I may not be the most countrified girl, but I grew up on a farm, I can sniff out 5+ kinds of manure and identify them in 1-2 sniffs, I have baled hay- which i would like to forget! and have always had my own cow. So please people, Don't say you're "Country" when you've never lived on a farm.

I took this for April its a field of wildflowers aka weeds, that the farmer will likely soon be getting rid of. but its pretty!!

And here we are Sunday afternoon. More rain. We actually had a tornado warning but thankfully it didn't come near us.

These are the only pictures I took all weekend because I did not do my hair or makeup or really get dressed in normal non lounging clothes for the whole three days. It was FABULOUS!!!!! I slept in each day, took a nap each day, had yummy salads and burgers on the grill, oh it was GREAT!! And with Dad being incompacitated with his ankle we all just kind of chilled out and that was really nice. My parents work so hard and are always on the go it was nice to just relax and spend some quiet time with them. I actually left feeling refreshed and ready to take on the week!

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