Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rain, Rain, go away!

It has been raining for what seems like half of my 29 years of life. No joke. This week we have had really bad severe weather. Nothing compared to Joplin's devestation, but still not good.

Wednesday I knew we were going to end up in the storm shelter area at work. I looked through the window a little after 2 and it was raining sideways and so dark outside. I decided if we were going to have to go to safety I was going to the bathroom first!

Not two minutes after I sat back down at my desk the sirens went off, the emergency intercom started talking to us and we had to evacuate.

I grabbed my purse, my drink, and a handful of candy from our "bad day drawer" nothing like being prepared I say!

So we stayed downstairs for awhile, I snapped this picture of Audra, she was sheltering with us, it was funny everyone had their phones out. Deb was with us and she had live dopler radar on her phone!! I so need a cooler phone!

We stayed there for maybe a half an hour before we were able to safely go upstairs.

That was it for Tornados untill later that evening. I decided I was going to bed early at 9:30 since I had to work the early shift Thursday and Friday. And wouldn't you know it as soon as I had taken one contact off I heard those doggone sirens again!!

I decided I was safer in my bedroom rather than living room, since my safe spot was my bathroom, i could get there in a mere few steps and there was nothing that could fall on me along the way.

I sat my purse, glasses, and external hard drive (yes, I am a nerd) right by my bathroom so i could grab them as I shut the door.

I laid in bed and listened to the storm. At one point I thought I heard the train sound of a tornado, man alive i did not know i could move that fast in my old age! I was out of bed, and half in the tub before I thought, wait a minute..........

I think they had turned up the sound of the siren or changed it in some way, because thankfully it was the siren i heard and not the tornado.

News Reports say there were 5 tornados in our area Wednesday alone. I am very thankful to have been protected and safe, as well as all of my loved ones.

And I am tired of the bottom of my pants and my shoes being wet. Rain, Rain GO AWAY!

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