Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So My Dad had surgery today. He is ok and is on his way home to rest and recover for the next 6+ weeks.

I valiantly tried to get a picture of him but even disabled he managed to win that fight.

Although when the anesthesiologist wanted to draw people on the bottom of his toes you'd better believe i was searching for my camera. Alas she didn't do it and I have a stinkin big purse I'm pretty sure my camera was about 6 miles away.

Anywho, I did manage to have an awkwardly funny conversation on my way to see him.

Is anyone surprised I think not.

Surgery was at 12:30 so I left early for my lunch so I could see him before he went back. I got to the Hospital and the Welcome desk had an older gentleman who was a volunteer take me back to his holding area.

The fellow mentioned he had just taken someone back to my Dad's room.

I thought that was a tad weird as Mom was allready there and we weren't expecting anyone else.

So I asked him who it was. And he said it was a younger fellow, maybe my brother?

Kev lives in Iowa and it wasn't serious enough to warrant them being there so I knew it wasn't him.

I said nooooo he's in Iowa... Was he really tall? He said he was tall enough. I was confused. I asked him how old he was and he said younger than him. Considering this man was in his 60s, I'm pretty sure this was a normal occurrence.

He said maybe it was my brother in law. I said No i don't have one.

What about a husband he asked.

Nope don't have one of those either.



Suddenly this conversation was depressing me a bit!

So he asks me if I'm single and I say yes I am.

Then he asks me if I have a good job.

Well I work at a college I replied.

THAT'S GREAT!! he exclaimed.

Do you want to be married?? he asks

Um...... yessssss..........

THAT'S GREAT!!! He exclaims again

You have three of the qualities I look for in a woman!

You've heard of the expression "Stopping in your tracks" well that's literally what I did.

I don't know how I find these people or rather how they find me.

I guess I wasn't having as bad of a hair day as I thought I was.


LizzieB said...

Kev wants to know if you got his number...

Charity said...

Tell my dearly beloved brother that NO I did not. Because after that he held up his hand and pointed at his wedding ring and he said he didn't think he could change his wife's mind. i said that was ok as i was not really into polygamy. awkward!