Friday, May 27, 2011

Special Visitor!

If I find out that Emboz is at the library that is with my work, and she has Madi, I force her to come visit me in my office. Being that its the Friday of a Holiday weekend, I REALLY begged her. I saw a total of TWO, count them, TWO students today.

So seeing Emboz was very welcome! I got a big smile from my Madi Madi Boo Boo when she saw me! I hugged her and let her play with my sock monkey. She was happy and then all of the sudden she shivered, cutest thing ever! And got really teary eyed! But she didn't cry! She was very teary eyed and just looked so sad. Broke my heart! She was a very tired little girl. the excitement of big sister Bethy's end of school program did her in. When she left she tried to give me a smile but it was the most pathetic thing you've ever seen. Still adorable though!

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