Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 1

Day 1- Introduce, show a recent Picture and give 15 interesting facts.

1. I came within 2 semesters of finishing my degree in Music at a Christian College down south, but transferred back home my Senior year. I say I have 1.75 degrees. :)

2. I'm fairly tall for a girl, 5'9".

3. My hair is naturally curly and VERY thick. Everyone who has ever cut it comments upon this.

4. I can change the oil in my truck but I prefer to let my Dad do that when I come home to visit.

5. I grew up on a farm, and have baled hay with the best of them, but prefer to stay clean and manure free these days.

6. I walk pretty fast wherever I go. Usually people have problems keeping up with my pace. I blame this on #2 and all of the concerts I was in at PCC. Walk with PURPOSE! And I do!

7. My best friends live in Florida and North Carolina, but we are so close you would never know that miles separate us.

8. I can't paralell park. I even failed it on my driving test. Somehow I still got a license on the first try...?

9. I am borderline stalking my baby nephew. I can't help it though. He is just the cutest little thing EVER!!

10. I love shoes, but hate wearing them. I prefer to be barefoot.

11. I am an abnormality as a girl because I hate spending time getting ready in the morning. I have it down to a quick routine, that is scheduled by the minute!

12. I love writing for my churches weekly Connections E-zine. I like meeting people from our congregation and getting to know them and their stories and what God is doing in their lives.

13. I am obsessed with lip balm. But only at work. My co workers say its like my security blanket, it helps me calm down.

14. Yes, there is a definate reason my blog is called CRAZY Cherrybear. I don't think i'm that nuts, just fun!

15. Even though its not 1998 I still like making Mixed CD's and will hand them out to my friends. Yes I am a bit of a dork.


ae said...

I am 5'9 and grew up on a farm as well! Too funny! Nieces & nephews are the absolute greatest :D

Piper said...

#3...Emilee's hair is crazy curly, but it's too early to know how thick it will be. She has about four inches of growth and it spirals into a little coil the width of a pencil eraser and is still close against her head. I'm looking forward to seeing how long it has to be to have some weight so the length will show. Just might hit you up for some hair advice at some point. For now, detangler and curl definer seems to be working great...

Charity said...

I am still learning about my hair, it's a life long process! but I will help all I can!

you might want to check out my childhood friend Rece's blog. Since Emilee has some ethnicity to her hair the texture and care might be a little different. I want to adopt some babies from Ethiopia some day so I find all of her information pretty interesting!

her site is

Piper said...

Thanks - I'll check it out! <3